M12 Motorway design history

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A preliminary design (yellow) has been developed with some changes to the preferred corridor route (blurred orange) announced in 2016. We are now seeking community feedback to inform the next stage of design.

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In November 2016, following detailed assessment ofthe eight possible corridor routes and consultation with the community and stakeholders, a (generally) 300 metre wide preferred corridor route — the "modified orange" option — was selected.

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Following feedback from the community and in consultation with Australian and NSW government agencies, Roads and Maritime developed a shortlist of eight route options for the motorway and sought community feedback to determine the preferred option.

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The M12 Motorway would provide access to Western Sydney International Airport, with the main access to the airport proposed to be from the north. With this in mind, the study area for the project was developed around Elizabeth Drive, between The Northern Road, Luddenham and the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills.

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